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The Oubliette

You have no power over me!

The Goblin Queen
11 March 1985
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"One half hillbilly and one half punk, big long legs and one big mouth, the hottest thing from the north to come out of the south." -The Cramps


a clockwork orange, alessa gillespie, alice in wonderland, andrew eldritch, anime, art, asian horror, audition, bauhaus, bettie page, big-breasted nurses, billy idol, blood, bosch, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, cabal, cannibalism, charmed, chinese food, clive barker, clocktower, cocteau twins, conspiracy theories, corsets, courtney love, criminology, crustpunk, cyberpunk, dave chappelle, david bowie, david lynch, death, dlisted, donnie darko, dr pepper, dreams, ebay, eli roth, eroguro, evil dead, evp, existentialism, faeries, fantasy, fatal frame, final fantasy, folklore, foreign films, full metal alchemist, ganguro girls, garbage, ghost in the shell, ghosts, grand theft auto, green tea, grindhouse, guro, gurochan, hallucinations, harps, heather eve haft, heatherface, hellraiser, henry rollins, hentai, horror, ichi the killer, incense, j-horror, jack off jill, japan, japanese films, jhonen vasquez, joel-peter witkin, john waters, johnny the homicidal maniac, joy division, junji ito, keyboards, kissing, lipstick, lj drama, magick, major motoko kusanagi, making out, mark ryden, mgmt, mike diana, mortuary science, movies, mu*s, mucks, muds, mushes, music, mux, nensha, nethack, nevada-tan, nice hands, nico claux, nightbreed, paranormal, photography, pianos, pooping, psychological horror, quentin tarantino, rasputina, rauberhohle, ray caesar, resident evil, ringu, ringu cycle, robert rodriguez, role-playing games, sadako yamamura, samara morgan, serial killers, sex, shaye saint john, shinto, shirley manson, sid and nancy, sid vicious, silent hill, silverchair, siouxsie & the banshees, slc punk, smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, splatterpunk, steampunk, survival horror, takashi miike, the '80s, the cure, the pixies, the ring, the ring cycle, the sims 2, the sisters of mercy, the smiths, tomb raider, virtual life, weeaboo shit, writing, yoshitaka amano, zombies